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Monday, August 8, 2011

"Sierra Nevada" 30th anniversary

When I first started this blog my plan was to research and profile one beer per day each day in the month of November.  Well, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray and some times you have to bend the rules a bit.  As it turned out November 15th was the 30th Anniversary of Sierra Nevada Brewing.  It would also turn out that Samuel Hornes Tavern in Folsom, CA was offering a fligth of Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ales as part of the celebration.  AND As luck would have it I just happened to stop by Sam's for a bite to eat with my lovely wife.  So for Day 16 I will be profiling 4 beers instead of just one.  Hey it's a tough job but somebody has got to do it.

Fritz and Ken's Ale
Fritz Maytag, owner of San Francisco's Anchor Brewing Company agreed to guest brew this special ale with Sierra Nevada in honor of their 30th Anniversary.  This is a rich and robust Stout worthy of aging but also great for drinking right now.

Charlie, Fred and Ken's Imperial Helles
Charlie Pazazian and Fred Echart are two of the country's most esteemed beer writers and home brewers.Charlie and Fred agreed to guest brew this special ale with Sierra Nevada in honor of their 30th Anniversary.  This imperial Helles Bock is a testament to the ever evolving brewer's art happening in homes and microbreweries across the nation.  The Helles is bold yet balanced with distinct toasted malt character, moderate sweetness and clean, floral hops.

Jack and Ken's Ale (barley wine) 
This barley wine was guest brewed by the original micro brewer (and most likely a relative of my mother) Jack McAuliffe.  Jack's New Albion Brewery in Sonoma, Ca inspired countless brewers to start small breweries of their own. Brewed with 100% American Cascade hopes this is a robust and complex Ale reminiscent of those served at the legendary summer solstice parties at New Albion

Brewers Reserve Oak Aged Ale.
This is a blend of Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale, Bigfoot and Celebration Ales which is generously dry-hopped.  This is very representative of the brewing style that has made Sierra Nevada so popular over the years.  To find Sierra 30th anniversary beers near you click here.

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