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Friday, January 4, 2013

Cafe Racer 15 from Bear Republic Brewing in Healdsburg

The town of Healdsburg has been synonymous with wine for a lot longer than it has with beer.  That began to change when the Norgrove family founded Bear Republic Brewing in 1995.  

The first stop on our second day brings us to a brewpub on the corner of Healdsburg's historic downtown square where we found a lively atmosphere and outstanding food choices.  The intense flavors of Bear Republics beers are well paired with dishes like the vegetarian Roasted Garlic Plate and the Hummm Baby Crab Sandwich(Garlic and butter sautéed Dungeness crab from The Tides Wharf, fresh tomatoes on garlic-buttered, grilled sliced sourdough.Go Giants).

To complement such delicacies we had to find just the right beer.  Anticipating the overbearing flavor of the roasted garlic I chose the 100+ IBU Cafe Racer 15 Double IPA. This beer was originally  brewed to celebrate the 15th year of innovative brewing at Bear Republic.  The name also pays homage to the counterculture streetracer motorcyle.  I would not suggest riding a motorcycle the same day you drink one of these hefty brews though because it packs a punch at almost 9%.  

Even the high ABV can not hide the hoppiness so be ready for a wallop when you take your first sip. 

I suggest that you visit the brewpub and sit on the patio to enjoy the sunshine while you dine on their amazing food.  Cheers.

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